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In compliance with the Licenses issued by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works IKAR CONSULT’s employees and shareholders have, prior to enforcing the amendments to UPA and the Ordinance governing the terms and conditions to licensing consultants to assess investment project compliance and/or carry out construction supervision, carried out construction supervision of development and construction activities of a number of investors such as.


? Solvey Sodi of Devnya

? Polimeri Plc.-Devnia

? Varna Grand Hotel

? Varna City Hall

? TEC Devnia

? Provadsol Plc. of Provadiya

? Lindner Bulgaria Ltd.

? Business Park, Sofia

? Ministry of Agriculture and Forests

? Beautiful Bulgaria, etc.

? Intracom Bulgaria S.A.

Site: Base sites of Globul

? Albena Plc.

? Municipal Primorsko

Site: Reconstruction water-main collector

Site: Reconstruction of water pipeline from axis points № 46, 34, 44, 9, 43, 67, 68/37, 59, 80, 81, 83, 87, 189 Iglika St., Stara Planina St., Laguna St. and G. Kondolov St.

? Municipal Banite

Site: Sewage Banite – main collector І , from km 1+836 to km 3+054, Village of Bania

? Hydro System - Tzankov Kamak

? KV Trading Ltd.

Site: Living building for season use in UPI ХІІІ-2241 in 81 quarter of Bansko.

? Beevi Brothers – Kostenetz

Site: A cable distributional net

? Mine Maritza Iztok Plc.


                                              Site: Mine Maritza Iztok

Sub-site: Electric wire 110 KV form substation 9 to  substation №19, Znamenosetz



                                                        Sites: Troyanovo-1 Mine

Sub-site: Electric power supply of the mine and ash depots. Electric wire 20 KV from T4

 to Boruy substation.

            Sub-site: Fan to Boruy substation.

Sub-site: Reconstruction of  electro communications by north unworkable desk for optimization of north limit.Reconstruction of feeder line 1.65 Kv /f 808, 809, 810/ from “Gledachevo”substation  in electric wire 20KV/6Kv/.

            Sub-site: Displacement of  V=2250 mm №2. “Gledachevo” substation 110/21/6.3 Kv – widening and reconstruction.

            Sub-site: Displacement of  V=2250 mm №2. Electric wires 6 and 20Kv 2x3 ASO 400mm² 1,2,3, and 4 from “Gledachevo”substation 110/21/6.3 Kv


                                  Troyanovo-3 Mine

Sub-site: Electric power supply of the mine and the ash depots. Extension of electric wire. 6 KV 2 from substation №8.

Sub-site: Ash depots substation 110/6 KV №9 Electric wire 110KV for substation №9. TT lines and road connection of substation №9.

Sub-site:  Electric power supply of the mine and ash depots. Extension of electric wire. 6 KV №3 from substation №8.

Sub-site: Ash depot Mednikarovo. Electric wire 6 KV from substation №7 t T5 of GTL

2250 1.

Sub-site: Substantion 110/20/6KV 10. Road connection.

Sub-site: Electric wire 6KV 2x3 ASO 400 m²  №8. Form substation №9 to substation 10.

Sub-site::Substantion 110/20/6 KV №10” in Troyanovo-3 Mine, Village of Mednicarovo



                                               Troyanovo-North Mine

Sub-site: Extension  of feeder line from Gipsovo substation.

Sub-site: Feeder line 1.65 Kv 3 ASO 400mm² from CRB substation to PP station “Radnevo” from train line “Kovachevo - Radnevo”


? Signed contract for construction supervision of reconstruction and finishing works on the building of National Revenue Agency in Varna and Plovdiv. Project funded by the World Bank.

? Shablenski ezera Plc.

? DSSD Otdih - Maritza Iztok

Site: Mineral water power supply of  “Starazagorski Mineralni Bani”

? Teritorial Department Varna - Executive Agency "Social Activities of the Ministry of Defence"

? NEK EAD - site: «Administration – technical building of NEK» Sofia, 12 Dondukov blv.

? Risk ingenering Plc.

Site: Office building for energy company in Pavlovo-Bakston Area, town of Sofia

? Belfield Ltd.

Site: Living building “Belfield Residence”

? Haskovo Municipality

site:  Cleaning and correction of Haskovska river bed. Reinforcement of existing support walls made of stone masonry – West section

site: Construction sewerage in Izgrev Area


? NPP Kozloduy

Site: Depot for fuel preserving

? Sun City03”Plc.

  site:Housing estate inVitoshaSimeonovo”, quarter 118 and 118а”


Site:Extension and superstruction of existing hospital ZDRAVE

? Risk ingenering Plc.

  site: Rehabilitation of 1-6 block in TTP– Maritza Iztok 2

? Teritorial Department Pleven - Executive Agency "Social Activities of the Ministry of Defence"

Site: Reconstruction of villa settelment

? International Capital Group

site: Ropotamo Plaza – A sing contract for build on Ropotamo Plaza – a build up area of 33 000 square metre  and

Shifting of existing water pipeline f 80 mm, replacement with f 160 PEHD in local roadways of Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd. from alley 6 to alley 1 and reconstruction of existing sewage

? Citygaz Bulgaria AED

Site: Build on gas main diversion

?  Henkel Bulgaria

Site: Production factory of building mixtures.

? Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

Site: Nesebar-Kamchia Drinkable Water Supervision Project

Site: Meshtitza Drinkable Water Supervision Project

? Transcontinental business consulting

? The national infrastructure fund”– Stara Zagora

             site: «Reconstruction of road ІІІ-664 Chirpan  - ZetiovoHaskovo from km 15+380 to km 15+500

? Termotrade  ЕООD

            site: Office building with depots in Sofia, Voenna rampa Area

? BTK Mobile EOOD

            site: Base sites of Vivatel

? Lukiol Bulgaria ”ЕООD

            site: «Petrol station with building service Lukoil Bulgaria Burgas, Dolno ezerovo Area.

? Management Trade and Marketing College

            site: «Management Trade and Marketing College – Primorsko, Burgas

? Executive Agency “Social Activities of the Ministry of Defence”

            site: Reconstruction of “Pamporovo” Relax House

? Sofia Airport

      site: Additional erection of left dyke at the river of Iskar

? Eurowest Financial Bulgaria”

Site: Office building with kiosk switchgear and raising garages in Borisova Gradina locality, town of Sofia

? Bulstroy CompanyEООD

      Site: Living building with underground garages and SPA

? Thermotrade”ЕООД

      Site: Living house with storages in Voenna Rampa locality, town of Sofia

?  Gardenia 2006”Ltd.

      Site:„Exhibition and trade center for flowersin 79а district, Manastirski livadi - West Area, town of Sofia


? Enel Maritza Iztok 3

      Site: “Tower for measuring the direction and the speed of wind”

      Site:: Emergency steam station”

      Site: Irrigation system of Izkritza.

? National Road Infrastructure Fund - Sofia

            Site: Road ІІІ-181 – Road Sofiiski Okolovrasten” - village Kovachevtzi from km 0+000 to km  26+792

? Rakitovo Municipality

Site: Additional water supply of Rakitovo Municipality from location Tuparov Chark


Site: Office building of the Company

? TPP Maritza IZtok 2

Site: Legalization of sites

Site:"highway pipe belt transporter HPBT № 2 for transportation of CINDERS and gypsum from HPBT № 1 to combined north waste banks"

Site: "pipeline trestle – rehabilitation of the construction between props № 39 and № 15"

? Mini Maritza IZtok 2

Site: Prepairinf a technical passports of the company sites

? CNG Maritza  Ltd

Site: Assessing investment project compliance and carrying out construction supervision of company sites regarding gas main diversion of town of Karlovo

? Meta modul Ltd.

Site: Assessing investment project compliance and carrying out construction supervision of company sites regarding gas main diversion of town of Karlovo

? Kutevi Brothers

Site: Living house in Krastova vada Area, Sofia

? Ministry of Education

Site: Supervision and control on investment Make repairs to schools affected by disasters and accidents TPPMaritza Iztok 2”EAD

Site: Complex financial - legal and organizational services and coordination of project: building a sulphur plant in blocks 5 and 6 of TPP

? Ministry of Education

Site: Supervision and Control of investor site: SMR associated with gasification of school buildings used by public high schools in Bulgaria

? Stadi – Slavejla Dimova

Site: „Reconstruction of total room and part of a corridor in the hairdresser's, located at ul. Khan Krum i 10 Blvd. 45, Sredets Municipality in the plan of Sofia.

? Rimpex trade”ООD

Site: Outbuilding and change the function of an administrative building in the building for accommodation of tourists”

Site:External electric power cable line-20 KB and KTP of building accommodation turesti village of Lesnovo

? Radka Draganova

Site: External electric power supply cables with a LV GET of a residential building in UPI III-1348, square. 117, m mountain-WPS Simeonovo

? Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

Site:Strengthening landslide road ІV-90023 Varna - Golden Sands in sections of wood bridge by the end of the resort Sunny Day”

? Ministry of Education

Site:Report - an analysis of document security to draft Tech. passports of     10 schools in District Pernik

? Ivan Zvezdev

    Site: Living house in Pancharevo Area, Sofia

? Mini Maritza IZtok 2

Site: Readjustment and outbuildings in respite station of Mini Maritza IZtok 2-Nessebar

? Executive Agency “Social Activities of the Ministry of Defence”

Site: Covered swimming pools inCherveno zname  sport complex, 1 Asen Yordanov Bul, town of Sofia

? “TTL Constart” Ltd.

Site: Living house in Krastova vada Area, Sofia

? „Odiseystroy OODVarna

Site: Preparation of project for Detailed Urbanization Plan: Amendment in the Regulation and Building Plan for Regulated Land Estate І-41.42. Land Estate 5120073. quarter 52, Krayni Dyal locality, in the land belonging to the village of Chiflick, municipality Troyan.

? Municipality Septemvri

Site: Preparation of detailed bills of quantity for private repair works and refurbishment of sites in municipality Septemvri.

? Citygas Bulgaria AD

      Site: Gas supply for municipalities Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad

      Sub- Site: Main distributing gas-pipe outside urbanized territories  

      Sub- Site: Distributing gas-pipe outside urbanized territories  

? Municipality Bobov Dol

Site: Construction supervision during execution of construction and assembly works and measures for energy efficiency of sites: "Nicola Vaptsarov" Primary School and "Hristo Botev" Secondary School, the town of Bobov Dol

? Panorama City

      Site: Multifunctional complex "Panorama City", located in: Land Estate І 010062, Eski       Balar locality, the land belonging to residential district Galata, municipality Varna

? Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply 

Site: "Assessment of the conformity of the investment projects with the essential requirements to the buildings, exercising construction supervision during execution of constructions and exercising investment control”– Sofia, Sofia district, Sofia city, Pernik district

Site: Assessment of the conformity of the investment projects with the essential requirements to the buildings, exercising construction supervision during execution of constructions and exercising investment control” – Central Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply, Sofia city.

? Ministry of Education

Site: Exercising construction supervision and investment control with regard to the execution of construction and assembly works in schools, in accordance with the following programs: "Energy Efficiency", Investment program of the Ministry of Education, "Sports in School" and "Accessible Architectural Environment" – position 5.

? Patinvest ingeneerign Plc

Site: carry out supervision and control over the construction of the subject: 'works on Project BG 2005/017-453.01.01 Improving the capacity for flood forecasting in the Bulgarian-Turkish border region ", financed by PHARE CBC between Bulgaria and Turkey , FM 2005

Site: Construction Supervision of construction of infrastructure in a project of the PHARE programme BG 2005/017-353.10.02 Support for the development of regional tourism potential by improving existing infrastructure, COMPONENT 2 CONSTRUCTION AND REHABILITATION OF INFRASTRUCTURE water and waste water


? State Enterprise Construction and Rehabilitation

Site: „ Shop for industrial goods in the UPI IV, Zone Planova ", town of Varna

? Enel Maritza Iztok 3

Site: Reconstruction external electric power - electrical wires 20 kV and 20 kV cable, reconstruction of external electric power - MKTP 20 kW

? Ministry of Agriculture and Food- National plant protection

Site: air-conditioned facilities for plant buffer control of Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint

? Septemvri municipality
Site: Rroviding appropriate and cost-effective educational infrastructure of educational facilities: High School Hristo Botev-town of Septemvri, High School Hristo Smirnenski-town of Septemvri, Kindergarten Chervenata shapcitza-town of Septemvri, OU St. St. Cyril and Methodius- village of Kovachevo, OU Hristo Botev -village of Karabunar, kindergarten Raina Knyaginya village of Vinosradetz, kindergarten Shtastlivo detstvo-village of  Kovachevo, OU Nikola Vaptsarov- village of Varvara, OU Hristo Botev-village of Semchinovo, OU Hristo Smirnenski-village of Vetren dol
Site: Supervision of the subject: Repair, equipment and improve access for people with disabilities to cultural centers and centers in the territory of Septemvri municipality

?     Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works 

       Site: Reconstruction of the main water supply Maritza – Chirpan. Water-mail from km 0+087 to km 1+533 – VI stage

? Overgas service Plc.

Site: Base of Overgas service Plc. for storage of odorant and metrology laboratory in town of Stara Zagora

? Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works 

Site: Construction of social housing for needy gipsy families- East region, town of Pazardjik

? CEZ Distribution Bulgaria Plc.

Site: Preparing repor on the assessing investment project compliance with the essential requirements for construction, formation of law enforcement for needs of CEZ Distribution Bulgaria Plc., Blagoevgrad branch.

? Executive Agency “Social Activities of the Ministry of Defence”

Site: „Reconstruction and repairs of  VitoshaMilitary daycare center in town of Sofia”.

? Алфа енерджи ЕООД

Site: Photovoltaic system to produce electricity, power 2,4 MW

? Ministry of Education and science

Site: Building air conditioning design and layout of the two foyers in the building of the Ministry of Education and Science

Site: Carrying out construction supervision and control over the investment performance of repair and restoration works in 9 vocational schools in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, project BG2006/018-343.10.01 Human Resources Development and Employment Promotion - Phase III.

? CEZ Bulgaria

Site: A full investment analysis of the underlying object of construction works: a warehouse in the town of Dupnitsa

subsites:   1. Administrative Building,

2. Indoor warehouse and shed

3. Storage for highly flammable materials


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