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According to the new amendments to UPA, the Company may carry out investment project assessments in compliance with:


Ø        The detailed urban plan provisions;
Ø        The urban planning regulations and standards;
Ø        The provisions of Section 169(1) and (2), UPA;
Ø        The interrelated coordination among project components;
Ø        The accuracy and structural compliance of engineering figures;
Ø        The requirements to planning, safe operation and technical surveillance of high danger facilities, if any;
Ø        The specific requirements to specific construction work types according to regulatory instrument, if any.


 The investment projects supplied with compliance assessment carried out by the Company are authorized for construction within seven days of submission thereof according to Section 144(1), UPA.

 By carrying out construction supervision we are responsible for:



·          Lawful construction start-up;

·          Accurate and proper drawing up any documents and reports during the construction process according to Ordinance N 3 governing drawing up documents and reports during construction process;

·          Implementing construction works in compliance with approved investment projects and the provisions of Section 169(1) and (2), UPA;

·          Keeping occupational safety requirements included in the construction organization and implementation project;

·          Avoiding any damages to third parties and property as a result of any construction works;

·          Construction fitness as to being set into operation according to Ordinance N 2 governing setting construction projects into operation in the Republic of Bulgaria and minimal guarantee periods applied to construction and installation works, facilities and construction projects implemented.


 Beside assessing project compliance with the essential requirements to construction projects and carrying out construction supervision, IKAR CONSULT Plc. may subject to agreement with contracting authority take up preinvestment analyses, prepare development process, coordinate construction process until setting into operation as well as:

  ü        Support contracting authority in preparing any required background information, researching and analyzing investment climate and market resources;

ü        Effect preliminary research and propose solution options accompanied by economic motivation of investment and operating costs;

ü        Draw up expert evaluation of construction costs as a basis to compare parameters of tenders in a construction tender;

ü        Prepare technical specifications defining manner of implementation in compliance with adopted construction project standards and safety requirements;

ü        Draw up terms and conditions of construction project implementation contract;

ü        Coordinate construction and installation process;

ü        Control quantities of materials employed and costs of construction and installation works performed (investment control functions);

ü        Represent contracting authority during the construction process, if authorized to;

ü        Ensure setting final construction into operation;

ü        Provide other consultancy in the field of investment intentions and investment realization.


   Quality Management
 ü    Control over the documentation, data and drawings;
 ü Certificates for the materials used;
 ü Certificates for the qualifications of the Contractors;
 ü Procedure for prevention and corrective action;
 ü Maintenance of quality logs.
   Investment control
  Upon assignment we are able to perform obligations of investment control for the site as follows:
  ü Ensuring performance of construction assembly works (CAW) at the site with due quality, in due time and in compliance with the agreed requirements,
   strict completion of all tasks assigned to the CAW contractor on behalf of the client for meeting the assignment objectives.
  ü Supervision of using the most economic, effective and common professional practices, meeting the requirements provided in the contracts between
   the client and CAW contractors, check up of quantities as per the estimate cost documents, working schedule and regulatory documents and standards stipulated in the Bulgarian legislation
 Safety and health coordinator
  ü We coordinate and control the performance of the general principles for prevention and safety according to the Law for Healthy and Safe Working Conditions;
  ü We coordinate the compliance and meeting the requirements for healthy and safe working conditions pursuant to article 16, item 1 and the plan for safety and
   health as per article 7, item 2, if required, on behalf of the constructors, and if needed for protection of workers, from the persons working independently; 

Technical passports

Ikar consult Plc. performs preparation of technical passports of buildings under Regulation №5 from 28.12.2006. of Works, constructive investigation of buildings according to Ordinance RD-02-20-2 of Works, design of buildings, structures and other urban environments.



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